The DREDGE Mods website hosts 23 unofficial mods for DREDGE which you can install and play using the DREDGE Mod Manager.

Available Mods

Try out one of these featured mods!

Cosmic Horror Fishing Buddies
Cosmic Horror Fishing Buddies

A multiplayer mod for DREDGE using Mirror and Winch

By xen-42 • 523 downloads

Dredge VR
Dredge VR

A VR mod for Dredge

By xen-42 • 220 downloads

Here are some of the other mods available:

  • Monstrous Ship - Replaces ship graphics with a monster
  • Quest Item Unlocker - Resets relic dredge spots, so you can dredge them up again.
  • Rare Fish Restock - Makes the fish from the Recording Rarities pursuit replenish themselves just like every other fish
  • See the rest of them here.

    Creating Mods

    All the mods available on the site are made possible thanks to the Winch mod loader by Hacktix.

    If you're interested in creating mods yourself, start with the Winch Mod Template on GitHub. You can then read the Winch documentation or try picking apart the example mods.

    If you have already created a mod and want to add it to the database, click here.


    Join the DREDGE community modding Discord server for mod support, or if you want to talk about playing and creating mods.

    Modding Discord

    Source Code

    The DREDGE modding ecosystem (and even this website) is made up of open source projects. Click the link below to see how it all works.

    DREDGE Mods GitHub Organization