Stress and Taxes by Johncook2 GitHub account picture
An unfinished mod about making dredge harder.

Stress and Taxes

A slightly functioning Dredge mod about Stress and Taxes


The purpose of this mod is to focus on the risk/reward part of Dredge. The taxes as well as night fish costing more will (hopefully) cause a greater reason to fish at night while more dangerous sanity and higher repair cost will stop that.


  • Most monsters scale in danger based off your panic level.
  • Quite possibly the worst way to store the players debt inbetween sessions, but it works!
  • You can take loans to repair your ship by entering single target repair and selecting something that costs more money than you have saved.
  • Nightfishes give more money, everything sells for less and everything costs more.
  • Taxes (Now included)
  • Being stressed out for long periods of time is now a bad idea