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A collection of mods I’ve written for DREDGE in C#, using Winch.


Winch must be installed first.

Mods are installed by extracting the downloaded .zip file, and then placing that file directly into your Mods folder.


AdjustHoodedFigures [DEPRECATED]

  • Deprecated as of DREDGE 1.1
  • Hooded Figure quest timers removed.
  • Checks for failed Hooded Figure quests, and restarts them.
  • Only restarts failed quests.
  • Applies check once save is entered.
  • Books can be obtained from restarted quests.


  • Allows game config values to be changed from a Config.json file located within the Mods/ConfigChanger/ folder.
  • More than 60 modifiable attributes, detailed here.
  • Includes attributes such as BaseAberrationSpawnChance, BasePlayerSpeed, ResearchItemDredgeSpotSpawnChance and many more.


  • Launch the game to generate your config file, then change any values you wish to change and relaunch the game to use them.
  • Use of custom or default config can be controlled via the boolean doLoadCustomConfig entry at the bottom of the config.
  • Config can be reset and regenerated by deleting the Config.json and launching the game.


  • Enables the UnityExplorer for DREDGE.
  • An in-game UI for exploring, debugging and modifying Unity games.
  • UnityExplorer used has been rebuilt with HarmonyLib replacing HarmonyX, fork available here